About Us

Founder & Creative Director
Priyal Thakkar

I’m Priyal Thakkar, Founder and Creative Director at Rainbow Monkey.

I’m is here to be your impartial friend, to love you and to jazz-up your lifestyle; not as a stranger, it is your vividly dramatic conscience who’s all-set to fit in the chromatic vestures. 

Rainbow Monkey was launched in December 2019, and its mission is to bring “equality in fashion”. 
As we dream of a world where there’s gender equality and freedom to love, Rainbow Monkey celebrates diversity with
unlimited colours and quirkinessesRainbow Monkey is a vivacious and frolicsome initiative to bring happiness with medium of colours. We take pride in our quality and creativity. 

Rainbow Monkey as a brand with a retro & vintage feel fuelled by the idea of fashionable yet comfortable and practical clothing for people who look to clothing to express their own personality in a unique maximalist manner. Rainbow Monkey is also with everyone that has a dream, an objective and fight every day to attain it. This is why it has always been in its DNA the fundamental values of optimism, passion, dynamism, determination and the ability to push one’s limits to be the best. The brand reflects the positive and joyful conscience of Priyal as she dreams to offer “happy vibes” with an artful approach to retro street style fashion. 

Here at Rainbow Monkey, we unite diversities, cultures, art and style. Our motive is to start a movement where fashion serves gender equality and comfort along with some colours to celebrate life.